This course is the Step-By-Step guide to preparing for the Certified Information Systems Auditor CISA exam.    This is not an ISACA course or official training.  This is a classroom tried and true teaching method to prepare for advanced certifications.  The subject matter of CISA will specifically be used to demonstrate the method of instruction to teach the CISA Course.  All Trademarks are property of their respective owners.

This course covers

  • The Process of Auditing IS’s
  • Governance and Management of IT
  • Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation
  • Information Systems Operations, Maintenance and Support
  • Protection of Information Assets


Practice Test Questions and Case Studies are used within this course.

Course Content

Lessons Status

CISA Module 0 - Instroduction to the CISA Prep Course


CISA Module 1 - Process of Auditing IS's


CISA Module 2 - Governance and Management of IT


CISA Module 3 - IS Acquisition, Development and Implementation


CISA Module 4 - IS Operations, Maintenance and Support


CISA Module 5 - Protection of Information Assets

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