CISM: Risk Management / Compliance

Risk Management is a critical subject for any CISM.   If you cant speak the risk language, you will certainly fail the CISM exam.   With this individual course, we will cover so much risk, you can pass the CISM and CISSP parts of the exam and get real close to passing the ISACA CRISC exam (although we recommend that as a separate course)

What we cover?

  • Overview of Risk Management
  • Management Strategies
  • How to be effective with Risk Management
  • Concepts, Terms, Definitions, etc
  • Implementation of Risk Management
  • Risk Assessment  and Analysis
  • Information Resource Valuation
  • RTO’s
  • How to integrate it with a life cycle (RMF)
  • Security Control Base-lining
  • Risk Monitoring / Communication
  • Training and Awareness
  • Resources

If you scored low in a previous CISM exam, take this course, and we’ll get you up to speed in no time flat!

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