Red Team / Hacking / Penetration Testing – Trojans & Backdoors

You have to learn the “Story of Troy”.  This is when you have an Overt program (the one you want the user to see) perform a distracting activity and a Covert program do something malicious.

The fun part is studying how to create these in a lab environment.  Trojans / Backdoor and Malicious Code Analysis is a field of study.

However, trojans have also been responsible for malice or wrongfulness to others.   I would treat Trojans just like a loaded gun.  How you handle them and what people do with them are often two different things.

Within the Field of Study:

  • Trojan Infections
  • Types of Trojans
  • Detecting Trojans
  • Countermeasures / Best practices
  • Software

Course Materials

Windows OS Workstation Image Kali OS

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