About Us

We are a small group of Network/Security Engineers who realize the need for qualified professionals.  We have been dedicated since 1995 developing a system and program designed to enhance the whole field of network security. 

Our classes can prepare professionals already in the field for the future of information security (INFOSEC).  We take pride in creating an educational atmosphere while providing our clients with the technological resources they need. 

Come and experience our personal touch, gain the most current certifications and¬†prepare for¬†tomorrow’s security today.¬†

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  1. I want to take the Security+ and CISSP exams, in this order.
    Please send me your suggestion for courses, coaching and all I need to take these exams.
    I’m an IT guy with 15yrs experience, MCSE in 2005.


    1. George,

      Have you booked an exam date yet? WE offer mentoring for both certifications. With those you get one on one mentoring, self paced course, mind maps, practice test questions, previously recorded video and audio from other classes. You will have the ability to join in on a live training that is going on during your mentoring (i.e. if there is a security plus class going on you can join in and take that class. You also have the ability to ask me any question.

      You can reply to info@thecodeoflearning.com



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