Did you know that all of the resources you need to pass the ISC2 CAP – Certification Authorization Professional Exam are right at your fingertips? ¬† ¬†Most courses costs $1,995 and you get an instructor to read slides to you. ¬† According to the cone of learning, that about 10% effective. ¬† In order to get to 70%-90% effective “YOU” have to simulate and perform the functions of such a professional.


One of the most critical things that you can actually do for your studying is get a copy of our RMF building blocks.  But you must hurry because we typically tend to change these resources up (2/15/17 next change).     To access the RMF building Blocks (Click Here)  The RMF building blocks covers the primary responsibilities, Secondary Responsibilities throughout each of the major processes.

Exam Tip. ¬†Can remember Categorize, Select, Implement, Authorize, Assess, Monitor? ¬†Try “Crime Scene Investigation, Always Attacks Miami” ¬†These are just some of the tips we cover in our Self-Paced training.

Oh, speaking of self-paced training. ¬† We’ve created a Computer Base Training that covers all of the testable objectives so that you can track your progress by start to finish. ¬†More on that later, ¬†First you’ll need to understand your “WHY” ¬†Why do you want to get the RMF/CAP certification? ¬†The “How” is actually the easy part now.

What is your “WHY”” ¬†Why do you want to get the ISC2 CAP certification?

  • Perhaps its to advance your career?
  • Perhaps you want to make between 80K and 130K yr?
  • Perhaps you’ve been collecting certifications to build up your resume?
  • Are you trying to perform better on the job?
  • Do you have new teams being formed at work and you want to be apart of the transition?

Here is our why!

We created the CAP certification because out of the last 1000 or so CISSP’s we’ve trained, or even the last 587 ¬†people we’ve taught CAP to, ¬†only 2-3 of them actually spent time reading the NIST guidance documents. ¬† If memory serves correctly, ¬†only about 1 of 371 actually read the FISMA law. ¬† Pretty sad right! ¬† ¬†We don’t believe in teaching or certifying people who don’t put in the time to learn these pretty simple concepts.

Everyone wants a magic pill when it comes to certification. ¬† They want the least amount of impact, and they want the most amount of value. ¬† The “One Big Thing” that you can do for yourself with regards to getting your ¬†CAP certification is to get my RMF building blocks document. ¬† Its free, ¬†just click here.

RMF Building Blocks

The RMF building blocks are a complete mapping of the RMF lifecycle and how it maps to the software development process. ¬† You’ll need this without a question if you want to save time studying for the ISC2 CAP exam.

What people really want is for someone to make their lives easier.   The RMF building blocks do just this!  The best part is, you can get it NOW!

Warning, you can consume this spreadsheet in under 5 minutes. ¬†but don’t underestimate it, you’ll be coming back to it time and time again!