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  1. Hi Leo,

    I came across your “Why you are going to fail CISSP” youtube video and was very impressed. I am the Director of IT for EveryoneCounts, Inc. (an electronic voting company) and I am interested in pursuing a CISSP certification. I did read a CISSP book 2 years ago and thought I got most of the practice questions right from that test, but then I tried a different practice test and got them almost all wrong. I have begun once again but since I came across your video and your services, I would like your help. Do you still offer private 1-on-1 tutoring? If so, how much?



  2. Hello,

    I wanted to get a preview of your checklist and the 30 days access you spoke about on your YouTube posts. I’m planning on taking the CISSP, sooner than later, and wanted see if I’ll be needing help.


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