Let’s face it, technology is constantly changing! 

  • We understand that it’s just not cost effective to send every one of your employees to a $3,000 boot camp for a week.
  • We understand that your employees can not always “get away” for a week or several weeks for training. That’s why we come onsite and work in your environment
  • By having us on-site, we not only perform our certification roles, but we can also answer ANY questions you may have during the time you have us. 
    • Example:  Let’s say that you wanted to understand a specific vendors technology.  It’s one thing to send your employees to get training, but its completely different to have the vendor “come to you” and assist with installations, designs, implementations, maintenance, upgrades, etc.  By staying flexible to your need; not only do your employees get certified but you also have your operational challenges met.

No job is too big or small. We have worked with the small 15 employee office and home office environments and we specialize in enterprise 300,000 employee networks.  Each have different needs because of their respective size, but we can meet them all .

Be sure to contact us to have a technician evaluate your specific needs.

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