CISSP: Course Overview

There will be some major developments to the CISSP exam effective April 2015.   You are welcome to view the official ISC2 updates at the ISC2 Website.


Here are some helpful resources for you.

CISSP Domains, Effective April 15, 2015

  • Security and Risk Management (Security, Risk, Compliance, Law, Regulations, Business Continuity)
  • Asset Security (Protecting Security of Assets)
  • Security Engineering (Engineering and Management of Security)
  • Communications and Network Security (Designing and Protecting Network Security)
  • Identity and Access Management (Controlling Access and Managing Identity)
  • Security Assessment and Testing (Designing, Performing, and Analyzing Security Testing)
  • Security Operations (Foundational Concepts, Investigations, Incident Management, Disaster Recovery)
  • Software Development Security (Understanding, Applying, and Enforcing Software Security)


Q: Will this change the number of questions or the time required to take the CISSP or SSCP exam?

  • A: No. Both the CISSP and SSCP exams will have the same number of questions, and the time required to take either exam will be the same.

Q: Since the CISSP has changed from ten domains to eight domains, was some content deleted?

  • A: No. Content was not removed from the exam and/or training material, but rather refreshed and reorganized to include the most current information and best practices relevant to the global information security industry.