CISSP: Exam Test Experience Information

Most of the information here can be found in the CIB, although we have added a few of our own general non-exam-specific comments.

Multiple Choice

Just about every IT exam you’ll ever take will have multiple choice questions.  So we hope by now you have become acclimated to this style of test questions.  If not, take our Exam Test Taking Clinic

Drag and Drop

This is a fancy computer program that simulates “matching”  you must match one subject to the other by dragging and dropping the appropriate content in place.  This will be very dominant in the April 2014 update to the CISSP and from that point forward!

Keep in mind that this does have some concerns

  • Forces the candidate to think at a higher cognitive level
  • Measures a broader range of skills
  • Provides more realistic simulation of practice in the field
  • Provides opportunities for broader content coverage

How the CISSP  is scored

  • No matter what the question format, there is only 1 right answer!
  • All questions will be equally weighted
  • The total testing time will remain the same (6 hours)
  • Passing Score is 700 out of a possible 1000
  • 25 questions will be used for research and will not be scored.
  • Please visit the ISC2 website tutorial for test questions (CLICK HERE)
    • Includes Drag & Drop Test Questions
    • Includes Hot Spot Test Questions

General Exam Information

  • Arrive at your testing center approximately 30 minutes early
  • There are NO lunch breaks during the testing period.  Your clock does NOT stop
  • You may take a break at your own leisure or eat a snack or have a drink (time does not stop)

Exam Admittance

  • Bring your admission letter to the exam site
  • Photo identification is required, you will not be admitted without it
    • Drivers License
    • government-issued identification card
    • Passport

Bad Ideas

  • Failing to follow oral and written instructions
  • Conduct considered by the testing center to be a violation of security
  • Disruption of the administration of the exam
  • Writing on anything other than what the exam center provides
  • Talking
  • Not turning in exam information
  • Cheating
  • Talking with other candidates and trying to make friends in the exam
  • Writing after your time ends
  • Sharing reference materials
  • Not answering questions (you will loose the points)
  • Discussing anything within the exam period
  • Copying any portion of the exam for any reason
  • No materials may enter the exam
  • No materials may exit the exam
  • At NO other time, before, during or after the exam, you may communicate orally, electronically or in writing with any person or entity about  the content of the examination or individual examination questions.
    • Note, We have a mentoring program.  Our mentoring Program DOES NOT violation any of the the ISC2 ethics or exam security. Period!
    • We help people pass by addressing the contextual approach they take to exams.
    • We NEVER discuss content in any way shape or form from our trainers, associates or colleagues that are exam specific. Period
      • 90% of people we’ve surveyed have never taken a test taking prep course.  Because they don’t know how to take tests, they naturally fall victim to the rigorous CISSP exam.
      • By Fixing bad test taking habits,  students generally (over 90+%) are able to pass the exam on their own.  Therefore, we do NOT need to disclose anything or violate the ISC2 policies. Period.
  • Electronic dictionaries will not be permitted
  • Dictionaries may not contain any writing in it.
  • Nor can you write in your dictionary
  • No Cell Phones
  • No Beepers
  • No headphones
  • Electrical Outlets will not be available
  • No smoking
  • No drinking

Best Practices

  • Bring a few layers of clothes and some snacks and drinks as you will be there for most of the day
  • Dress warm so you can undo the layers if the testing climate changes
  • You can bring earplugs for sound suppression
  • If you need special assistance. Contact ISC2 at least 2 weeks in advance
  • Make sure you have proper time to park and relax before you get to the testing center
  • If you Fail, you will get a score, if you pass, you will NOT.
    • Only a Pass or a failing score will be provided
    • Save your fail transcript, it may help you prepare in the future!