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Over 1,000 evaluations from successful students.

Andy Andy

After failing the CISSP exam 9 times, I was able to pass this exam on the 10th try.   If it wasn't for Leo I would have had to change career.  This program freaking rocks!

Christopher Christopher, NA

Thanks Leo... It was difficult, but you helped me pass this exam within 5 days.

These Testimonials are just scratching the surface.  And Yea, although we could go on and on and show you more undeniable proof of our results, as well as our students... that is not the point...

The point here is to show you that what we use and teach flat out works AND

We'll show you that it's a system that has been fully tested and proven

CISSP Authority and Master Instructor

Go to LinkedIn and do a search for "CISSP Instructor".  You will find 8,323 results for cissp instructor.   There are only 3 people on the planet who have taught this course over 250 times.

Introducing Leo A. Dregier III - Master CISSP Instructor and Cyber Security Expert.   In fact, Leo has trained more CISSP instructors period!   If you want to know about your CISSP instructor, just ask Leo.  He knows them all, and if he doesn't know them, you don't want them wasting your time and your life.  Leo is also founder of  the www.UltimateTrainerAcademy.com

  • We currently run the only and best CISSP Mentoring Program on the planet that allows for one-on-one interaction, case studies, test questions and all resources to give you the edge you need to pass the CISSP Exam.
  • With thousands of raving fans (and growing fast) we are the most reliable and up-to-date Information Assurance Training Provider in the industry
  • Many training providers call us weekly and ask us to come work for them. We typically don't work for them because they put profit in front of student results. Sad isn't it.
  • Chances are that your contracted instructor will be reading the slides that Leo wrote 15 years ago.
  • Our Mentoring Students not only get access until they get certified, but many of the resources we provide them are not available anywhere except through us and our preferred VIP partners.

Can you follow SIMPLE steps?

  • 1

    Get on our email lists

    Getting on the right email list is critical to getting you the information you need automatically. There is a NO High Pressure sales policy in effect. Just join our list, and we send you loads of free information, if you want to sign up, we'll be happy to have you. If you do not want to join, enjoy the free resources and share with a friend.

  • 2

    Enjoy the FREE Resources

    Still insist on doing it by yourself? That's ok, a lot of people feel that way. Let us save you time at least. Just by subscribing to our email lists, we send out all sorts of helpful information. Like Salary Survey's, Mind Maps, Study Guides, Sample Test Questions & more.

  • 3

    Find the right product for you

    Some people need weekly webinars, some people need self-paced training, some people need boot camps, and very few people can just read the book and pass the exam. We have every resource in play at a price lower than commercial providers. Why? Because we don't have the overhead, and employees. You only need the instructor, so pay for only what you need!

  • 4

    Work Consistently

    Yes, this means that you have to put together a regular schedule. This may be daily, weekly or at a minimum monthly. However, if you want to pass this exam it will take commitment on your behalf. If you are willing to apply yourself, then eventually you will pass. However, some people like the fast track. Some people don't want to spend every Saturday for the next year studying to pass this exam. This is why we through every instructor resource we have at you. Our #1 job is to make you pass this exam (ethically).

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Here is how you Hack your Job Search

  • 1


    Knowledge is where you recall / regurgitate facts without understanding. By reading a CISSP book, you may or may not be able to show that you have learned material by recalling facts, terms and basic concepts and answers. When you read a CISSP book, this is what you get which is why most people who read the CISSP book and attempt to pass the exam FAIL! The most common failed score is 640/700. If you read any CISSP book and take the CISSP exam, you can expect a 10% / 100% score.

  • 2


    Comprehension shows an understanding of basic facts and ideas. Comprehension is when you can illustrate, contrast, discuss and explain the ideas in your head. If you think you comprehend the CISSP material then you can be guaranteed a whopping 20% on your exam. The new CISSP exam is about more than comprehension.

  • 3


    To use in a new situation. Solving problems by applying acquired knowledge, facts, techniques and rules in a different way. If you learned the CISSP material by seeing and hearing, you can expect about a 50% on the CISSP exam.

  • 4


    Analysis means to examine in detail. Examining and breaking down information into parts by identifying motives or causes; this requires making inferences and finding evidence to support generalizations. Analysis is critical to not only finding the correct answer on any exam but also to identify the wrong answers. If you can do this, then you are real close to mastering the CISSP exam. This is how we wrote the Ultimate CISSP Prep Course.

  • 5


    To synthesize means to change or create into something new. Compiling information together in different ways by combining elements into a new patter or proposing alternative solutions. This is where we strive to get our students before they are ready to attempt the CISSP exam. We synthesize by combining confidentiality, integrity, availability with Physical, Administrative, Logical/Techical and Operational Controls. We also combine several life cycle models. When you are thinking at this level, it gets pretty hard to trick you. This means that you are likely to get about an 80% on your exam but keep in mind that the passing score is only about 70%.

  • 6


    This means to Justify. This means that you can present and defend your opinions my making judgments about information, you now have the ability to question the validity of ideas or the quality of work against a set criteria (CBK). When you operate at this level, there is absolutely no stopping you and a CISSP pass is in your future!

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Look, you've probably been banking your head against the wall when it comes to trying to pass the CISSP exam.  Seriously,

  • Can you even add up the total time you've spent (wasted) learning this material?
  • How many other boot camps have failed you?
  • How many study guides have you read?
  • How many test questions have you taken and you still cant beat a 70% score?

Sucks pretty bad right?

Well don't beat yourself up about it because its not your fault.

90% of the people I survey have never taken a class on how to pass an exam.   Yup, that means that 90% of you SUCK at taking tests!!!.   This is why we address test taking in our courses head on.   This is why our students do MUCH MUCH better than the students from other instructors.

You are most likely suffering from information overload, buying all the unnecessary information out there... And when you get caught in that buying loop, nothing is going to help you at all.  I'm sick of it as I'm sure you are sick of it.

I know people who have spent 10's of Thousands of dollars trying to get their CISSP certification.  Some who have gone through our Mentoring Program.  We understand your pain and struggle you've gone through first hand.  and more importantly, I know the things that are holding you back from experiencing the beauty and uplifting feeling of real success.

The solution you needed was staring you right in the face the whole time.  Our CISSP resources are the only products that you can use that have been tried and refined over and over again.   Most training centers are using outdated copies of "My Slides" that I wrote 15 years ago.  I can spot them a mile away!!!  There are only a few training centers what I know that "get it right"

The truth is, our proven system is the only system that builds on the previous system.

  • 1


    Reading is 10% effective, so we recommend that you treat every book like a dictionary and look stuff up when you need to. If you are reading the CISSP book cover to cover, that you might as well be cutting your hair with a spoon. We will provide you with everything you need to read, but we won't stop there.

  • 2


    After you've read all that you need to read, then you up your game by hearing it. Hearing all of the CISSP material will get you to the 20% effective level.

  • 3


    After you have heard off the material in the CISSP Common Body of Knowledge, it's time for you to see it for real. This will get you to the 30% effective mark.

  • 4

    Combine Reading, Hearing, Seeing

    You'll know that you've combined enough of these activities because when you read AND hear AND see, you'll get to about the 50% mark on your exams. This is also the point where people tend to give up and get frustrated with the process. Don't stop there, because you'll need to get to the next step if you want any reasonable chance at passing the CISSP.

  • 5


    Simulations are probably the best way to do something when you don't have access to the real thing. Ever heard of a flight simulator? Those are for people who insist on not crashing planes. CISSP simulation comes in the format of participating in real world discussions and working through practice test questions until you understand the concepts that you are supposed to be mastering.

  • 6

    Do the real thing

    There are thousands of quotes I could cite about "doing it" I want you to be able to pass the CISSP exam every day. When you are passionate about CISSP like I am, it makes doing it just that much more fun and easy. Now, I can fast forward 15 years of experience on you, but what I can do is share with you enough stories about all of the things that I have done and all of the things my students have done. When you can do it, you can pass the exam whenever you want.

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There are so many benefits to becoming a CISSP ® but one that shouldn't be overlooked is the Salary.  People have been talking about this for years.  It's often dubbed the 100K/year certification.   If you are not making 100K now, you sure will be on target for a nice salary in the future.  There seams to be nothing but growth in this area.

How much are you making?

The Average CISSP salary is between 89K and 139K a year.

  • (Average Salary) - (Your Salary) = How much money you lose per year not being certified
  • Example: 100K - 75K = 25K/Year LOSS (by not being certified and knowing how to find the right job)
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The best part is how efficient and fun getting your CISSP can be.  You just have to use the proven system.

If you are anything like us, you want to get certified and you want it to be as painless as possible.  More importantly you don't want to be wasting your time.  Let's face it, you are probably so busy that you will likely only have a few hrs a week to put towards getting certified.  You just want to know that once you are put on this path, you can have your progress tracked and you quickly see how much closer you'll be to getting certified.


Ultimate Step-By-Step to Hack your Job Search

Master Each Step of a Job Search

Simply put, the most efficient & effective resource in the marketplace.

You'll soon get access to:

  • Complete Domain Coverage
  • Over 2000 Test Question
  • CISSP - A Novel, Not a Dictionary
  • Self-Paced Tracking Module-by-Module
  • Watch Video's Over and Over if you like
  • Sample Content from our New Book
  • Live Case Studies & Real World Application
  • Access to the Newest Domain Materials
  • Fresh Instructor Content
  • Better materials than we use in the classroom
  • Optional Weekly Calls / Webinars
  • Optional Mentoring / Coaching
  • Fast Track at your own Pace system
  • Tried and True road map to Pass
  • Dig Through the Video Archive of Previous Classes
  • Instructor's Dropbox Account used in the classroom

Seriously Folks, Make your Job Search Easy!!!

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Within our Training, You'll Soon Discover

  • Videos to guide you through the process
  • Slides with detailed explanation imbedded within the self-paced modules
  • Test Questions to measure accuracy and understanding of the topics
  • Supplemental resources that are used in the classroom
  • Test Question Reflection Moments to identify areas that are testable
  • Mind Maps to help with the organization of materials
  • Checklists and Tracking Documents
  • Schedules to help you gauge the pace of your learning
  • Pre-Class Materials
  • Post-Class Materials

How does a White Hat Hacker help Recruiting Firms?

Hack your Job Search

Learn from an Expert White Hat Hacker who knows exactly what job seekers are looking for.

We Can't Wait To Have YOU

Be Our Next Success Story

We're not kidding when we claim to have certified thousands.  We've completed on average 20-30 CISSP bootcamps a year since 2000.  With an average class size of 10, that means we've taught about 3,750 students most who have gone on to get their CISSP (as far as manual tracking goes anyway).

Let's make 2016 the year of you!   If you supply us a video testimonial we will provide you with your next class at 1/2 off.    That means that if you take less than 2 minutes to record a video that we can put on our site, you save 1/2!!!!   Yup, 50% off your next course for taking 2 minutes of your day.

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