Linux+ Self-Paced Certification

Job Searching?

(Add 12% pay increase if you know Linux!  Do you want to know how?)

You Bet!


STARTING TODAY– If you are not Linux certified and consider yourself technical or managerial.  I welcome you to join my webinar this Friday at March 7th 11:30am.  You’re not going to want to miss this!


I’ve made the case that if you don’t know Linux,  Your job could be sourced to someone who is more technical than you. 


I’ll show you how you can flip the cards and put the odds in your favor.


Would you like to add 10% more to what you make annually or know someone who does?


I personally think that you could make an extra $10,000 or more this year if you had the information I have. 


According to the LinuxJobReport2014 “93 percent of hiring managers plan to hire Linux professionals in the next six months.”


There are so many benefits, I can hardly count them.

  • ·         Leverage 3 certifications for a fraction of the price of 1
  • ·         Where is the Linux Money?  I’ll show you
  • ·         How to get or leverage employment opportunities
  • ·         Fast track to Success Model!
  • ·         Complete checklists and Per-Module Approach
  • ·         Self-Study or Stay with the Class completion
  • ·         Flexible Scheduling
  • ·         How to Win Recruiters!


If you help me share this on the social networks, I might just let you sit in on the class for FREE! Who knows ;_)


Attached is a quick outline for you to preview.  How quick can you read 15 pages?


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If you really have extra time, read this!  (or Register for my webinar!)

“”Eighty-six percent of respondents say knowing Linux has advanced their careers.””


I’m going to share with you some amazing traction this is getting!


Before I go, I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to read my email.



If you knew you could help someone get a job, wouldn’t you help?

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