On-Site Training program brings the courses to the participants

On-Site Training

Our Trainers will spend an amazing week with you onsite to deliver the best training possible in the industry.  We have 1000’s of evaluations demonstrating our excellence in the area of Information Assurance.

To help maximize your organization’s training opportunities while minimizing costs, The Code Of Learning is pleased to offer On-Site Training. This program delivers “Information Assurance Certifications” directly to you.

Designed for groups of 10 or more, this program can be customized to meet your specific requirements. By eliminating the need for staff travel, your organization can save thousands of dollars while meeting your training needs.

On-Line Courses / Training Alternatives (Registration Required)




Instructors and Biographies Details

  • Leo A. Dregier

For more information about the On-site Training program, contact Info@TheCodeOfLearning.com today and learn about how we can save you time and money while effectively training your team.