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Get your CISM Assessment will walk you through “the cone of learning” and Blooms Taxonomy as it is applied to the CISM® exam.   You can re-use this assessment as much as you like to determine how good of a CISM® you really are or are going to become.

You will receive a comprehensive CISM Assessment

This assessment will walk you through reading, seeing, hearing, simulating and doing. This is related to the cone of learning by Edgar Dale 1969.     The next approach is an assessment with Blooms Taxonomy. Moreover it will help you with Knowledge, Comprehension, Analysis, Synthesis and Evaluation of various CISM topics.

Lastly, if you need to know how close you are to passing, this will lay out the framework.   This is not an official ISACA product, it is a product created by an industry training who has trained thousands.



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