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Learner Section РLearn how to use this website, to study and prepare for your exams.  This website has a basic front end and a classroom.  All typical classroom activities(Labs, Quizes, Homework, & More) take place in the classroom.

  • Access the Classroom – Click on the “User Menu” then select “The Classroom
  • Update Your Profile – Under “User Menu” select “Your Profile” – Please complete the profile section accurately.
  • Enrollment Codes – These are assigned by your instructor or contact to request them.
  • Class Access ProcedureClick Here
  • Test Taking Tips & Tricks – Coming Soon
  • Auto-Reminder Schedules – Subscribe to the appropriate mailing list and we email you reminders and provide you tips on what to do for your exam. ¬†Emails are “Pre-Written” and they walk you through getting certified.
  • Class Pass Procedure (If you have any concerns about passing your exam. ¬†Contact Leo Dregier for a personal mentor)



Trainer Section

  • Trainer Benefits – Ever wonder why your evaluations are not perfect every time? ¬†We do!

  • ClassroomManage your online classrooms here¬†

  • Update Your Profile – Under “User Menu”¬†

  • Your own Classroom – You can have your own classroom and manage each class using our website. ¬†

  • Trainers Challenge – Take the “trainers challenge”; can you prove yourself to be the best of the best? ¬†prove it to us!


Client Section

  • Corporate Discounts on Training – Find out how to survive when your training budget gets low

  • 8570 – Manage Class Atendee’s¬†

  • We partner with several Certified Technical Education Centers

  • BootCamps – No project to big or small

  • Testimonials – We have 1,000’s of testimonials

  • Schedule A Class

  • Check Availability on Dates and Times

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