Test Taking Tips Work!


Hey Leo,
I just took the CISM exam here in Okinawa this morning.
I wanted to tell you that the study tips you provided at the USMC Cyber Conference, CISM Training while at the time seemed suspect!
I used your tip at, "reviewing the answers first, then to read the question." I must say it worked and helped somehow.

I used this technique while studing and it helped. I was able to come to an answer much quicker.

I completed all the test provided in the manual, by applying, "answer first" approach.

I didn't need to memorize the questions which helped because I knew the answers, CONTEXT VS CONTENT, right?
I still maintained my attitude of reading the entire CRM entirely first.
When I began to take the Exam I applied answer first approach entirely.

I still used the entire 4 hrs to complete the test and became rushed at 30 min remaining mark.
I should have had a bigger test question pool though. I'll work on that now to maintain and expand my knowledge just in case a
retake is inorder, but I will be much more ready for sure!
Now the results waiting game.
Please use my comments to your students during your classes if you like.

I'll be dropping your name and info on my end and I intend on enrolling in your training soon.
Again Thanks


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