The Mission! – Must Read!

Our Mission: To make IT Security training available to everyone at an affordable price.

I have always been inspired to help people prepare for difficult security exams. Since 1998 I have been heavily involved in the certification process. I originally began teaching MCSE and Network+ classes to career changers looking for a new line of work in the IT field. I have consulted and trained with 1,000’s of students.

As a corporate trainer I’ve been able to see EVERY part of the certification process. I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with Six Sigma (Lockheed Martin 21 which are process improvement activities). This is important because one key element is to identify waste.

So let’s look at this, Why are training centers pricing their products between $2,400.00 and 3,100.00? This is a lot of money for a student. In fact so much, that most need the assistance from a corporation (Corporate Sponsored Events) to attend the training.

Let’s look at how we can do this:

  1. Reduce the overhead:
    1. No Corporate Office –This saves money by not having a centrally based location or office to pay for. Our staff works from their home office.
      • We Like Going Green!
    2. No Commute Time – Because our team works from home; there is no time wasted commuting resulting in more time available for the students.
    3. No Expensive Staff –To have an office, you need to have staff to run it. We use technology to replace many of these benefits.
      1. Truth is – All the student needs is an experienced instructor/mentor who can help the student facilitate the certification process. Students don’t need Sales Teams, Marketing, etc…
    4. No Designated Physical Classroom – By having a virtual classroom the students can have access to the classroom at ANY time day or night and we avoid the high costs of maintaining a classroom, to include equipment, licensing, maintenance, staff to make sure that stuff works, etc..
  2. Improve the Student Experience:
    1. Student Interview (Prerequisites) – We interview all of our students. We only accept students with a sincere desire to succeed and with the appropriate certification prerequisites met. We do interview potential students to see if there is common chemistry to move forward.
    2. Student Education –We feel its important to track every aspect of the student. Did they do their homework? How well did they score on their practice exams? What questions do they have? and most importantly, Are they ready to “PASS” the exam? We don’t believe that students should take an exam to see what its like, that is almost a guaranteed sign of failure and we are here for success!
      1. One way to improve the experience is to have “Active Learning” activities. Memorizing test questions from a braindump is not only frowned upon; but also not a good way to “learn”. We believe in looking at the test objectives, and providing hands on activities whenever possible. Students are much more likely to pass an exam if they have the experience to back it up. We provide students with application activities that give the them the experience they need for success on the exam.
      2. What do students worry about?
        1. Passing their exam or Failing their exam; depending on your point of view. We guarantee our training by monitoring student progress continuously and our job is NOT done until you pass.
    3. Test Prep time – After the student takes the class, there will be a period of two weeks in which the student should take the test. After the student completes the class, this two week period is for test prep. Here we look at test taking skills, student anxiety, study habits, etc. We’ve found that some students are better prepared to pass the exam than others. Why? Because of their approach. In some cases it is “How” you study that makes the difference. We’ll show you what works and what does not.
  3. Our offer to you –If you find any class online, that can compare to ours, we’ll do it cheaper and with better results! We believe that it is our job to provide you the resources necessary to be successful. Bring us any quote on training and we’ll match it AND bring you a cost savings of 20%
    1. Example:
      1. Competitor online CISSP class quoted at $2,995.00 (but for some reason) they decide to quote a group of 10 students for 1,200.00 each. We’ll take an additional 20% off; resulting in $960.00 per student.
      2. Contact us LAST; so we can beat your best quoted price!


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