Traditional education at a college or university is becoming outdated?


The idea of a traditional education at a college or university is becoming outdated. Will traditional classrooms and campuses be available or will it be looking like some type of alternative?


I decided to investigate this idea and found an open letter posted on the Washington Post by Daniel de Vise by the co-authors of “The Innovative University: Changing DNA of Higher Education from the Inside Out.”

While significant changes will not occur overnight, there are certainly some challenges that will become more serious in the long term.

These include the

  • ever-increasing cost of education
  • the lack of much-needed regulations
  • the general decline of federal and state support

They are, however, very optimistic for 2012 and beyond as innovation and technology will continue to open up more opportunities to learn new skills or potentially even contribute in some way to increased overall financial stability.

The experts also say that regardless of how expensive tuition is, colleges and universities will not only continue to be seen as educational institutions, but more importantly as social gathering places where young people can get their first taste of independence.

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