Web Application Penetration Testing

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Module 1鈥擶eb Application (in)security

Module 2鈥擟ore Defense Mechanisms

Module 3鈥擶eb Application Technologies

Module 4鈥擬apping the Application

Module 5鈥擝ypassing Client-Side Controls

Module 6鈥擜ttacking Authentication

Module 7鈥擜ttacking Session Management

Module 8鈥擜ttacking Access Controls

Module 9鈥擜ttacking Data Stores

Module 10鈥擜ttacking Back-End Components

Module 11鈥擜ttacking Application Logic

Module 12鈥擜ttacking Users: Cross-Site Scripting

Module 13鈥擜ttacking Users: Other Techniques

Module 14鈥擜utomating Customized Attacks

Module 15鈥擡xploiting Information Disclosure

Module 16鈥擜ttacking Native Compiled Applications

Module 17鈥擜ttacking Application Architecture

Module 18鈥擜ttacking the Application Server

Module 19鈥擣inding Vulnerabilities in Source Code

Module 20鈥擧ackers Toolkit

Module 21鈥擜pplication Hackers Methodology

Web Applications are everywhere and they are insecure. Discover how cloud architectures and social networking have added exploitable attack surfaces to applications. Learn how to break encrypted session tokens and other sensitive data found in the cloud.>

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